Human Resources

As we know, ICT industry is a combination of physical backbone and intellect. Computer & Server systems, network equipment, software, wire and wireless connectivity systems, broadcast hardware and many other hardware and accessories are the physical backbone. The trained human resources behind the backbone are the intellect. Unlike many other businesses, success in ICT business is greatly dependent on the domain specific skill set of the human resources who would provide the IT Enabled Services to the potential customers. Highly trained, experienced and manufacturer/OEM certified engineers and other human resources are the key dynamics of ICT industry business. As mentioned above, Government’s “Digital Bangladesh” vision by 2021 is critically dependent on the highly skilled and trained workforces to leverage the long-term benefits of the ICT friendly policies support.

Studio Mason Limited (SML) has that rare edge over it’s potential competitors since it already has the best pool of highly experienced, professionally certified and proven human resources on board. Resources pool of SML has the compelling domain record of successful completion of many sophisticated and mission-critical ICT projects in the country over last 15-20 years. Each team member is designated to provide services to customers in the area of product management, solution design and support services. Technical department has four major teams:

Team Head count
Data Center and Power 13
Contact Center &IP Telephony 16
Network & Security 16
Server, Storage& Virtualization 9